Frequently Asked Questions

Time is money and contacts are a valuable asset, that you can now turn in your favor!

  • What is InChainZ?



    InChainZ is a unified platform for contact trading, creating an internal ecosystem, based on the consent of its users and their willingness to benefit from the contact base they have and to further invest in new contacts, by acquiring access to people whose contacts are also part of the ecosystem.


    The system is a one of a kind contact sharing platform built on blockchain.

  • What is the aim of InChainZ?

    As a first priority InChainZ strives to create the ultimate tool for exchange and investing in contacts which involves the functionality for their, interchange and earning platform tokens from them in an environment that is secure, transparent, fair and under the control of the participating user and the contact owner.


  • How has no one ever proposed such solution before?

    Of course, many products, services and ideas may be compared one by one to ours, however, none of them offers in their entirety a product which has the capacity to revolutionize the way people search, share and use their contacts.

    We are striving to create the ultimate tool for exchange and investing in contacts which involves the functionality for their, interchange and earning platform tokens from them in an environment that is secure, transparent, fair and under the full control of the participating user and the contact addressee.

    Now, blockchain and crowdfunding have finally provided the means to create, start and maintain fintech unicorn services and make the services available to all.

    However, we have spent a lot of time (several) years to backtest our ideas, to find the right solutions to ensure full compliance. Many ideas, did not have persistent and dedicated “fathers” as ourselves .


  • How does a decentralized trust system work?


    We have decided to make use of the revolutionary technology - blockchain. We have chosen blockchain as underlying technology of the platform in order to allow us to build a secure, transparent and verifiable system for all platform participants, especially for contact owners, holders and users.

    The InChainZ platform will record in blockchain ledger the events of interaction between the participants related to trading of contacts and provision of access to contacts, through the use of the platform tokens.

    Every time a transaction is made, regardless of whether it is retail or e-commerce, the blockchain will record: time of the transaction, both receiving and sending wallet addresses, warranty conditions, delivery time, and all of the other information that is typically needed to ensure the trust in different countries. All of this information will be encrypted and only available to authorized users in a beautifully designed user interface. Based on this information, clients and merchants will be able to file/solve a claim, rate each other, etc. A default trust rating will be applied to users who are using the platform for the first time. The trust rating will be assigned to specific wallet address. Every time a transaction is made, claim registered, solved or unsolved (according to the purchase details saved during the purchase), review written, etc., the smart contract will automatically change trust level for each wallet address involved.


  • What is the nature of the InChainz Tokens?

    The InChainZ tokens are software with cryptographic elements that are sold out as a utility appliance for the InChainZ platform. The InChainZ tokens are based on the Ethereum protocol and conform to the widely-used ERC-20 standard.

    The InChainZ tokens have their functional utility only within the InChainZ platform and their creation is conditioned by the need to develop an internal economy in the InChainZ ecosystem that will establish transparent and fair relations among the InChainZ community.


  • Are the tokens offering any shareholding?

    No. No shareholding will be distributed to users (token holders).


  • Does the InChainZ tokens represent a loan to Company?

    No, the sale of the Tokens is intended to provide you with the possibility to participate in the creation and exploitation of the InChainz Ecosystem on an early stage. The InChainZ tokens neither debt instrument or bonds of any kind nor any other form of loan advanced to Company.


  • Are you offering securities?

    No. A holder of an InChainZ Token is not entitled to a portion of profit or revenues, a guaranteed annuity, and the InChainZ token does not have any other features that make it appear to be an investment in the business in exchange for an electronic form of stock.


  • Are you providing payment services? Are the InChainZ tokens electronic money?

    No, we are not engaged in the provision of payment services. The InChainZ tokens do not represent “funds” or electronic money as they are accepted as a mean of payment only on our platform.


  • Are the InChainZ tokens financial instruments?

    No, the tokens do not represent shares, as they do not provide the holders with the basic rights of shareholder - to vote on corporate matters and to receive portion of the profits of the company. The tokens are not bonds either, because they do not represent a monetary claim.

    The issuer does not guarantee any yield, interest or buy-back related to the tokens. The tokens do not represent a claim to repay a debt, but rather prepaid vouchers for the platform.

  • Are you required to publish a prospectus?


    No, the tokens are not securities and as such we are not required to publish a prospectus. However, we have prepared a detailed whitepaper containing the most important information about our project in order to provide token holders with our vision.


  • Are you required to perform AML and KYC checks?

    According to the applicable legislation we are not obliged to perform those measures, but we are determined to prevent our service to be used for fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing or other illegal activity.  We are performing our AML and KYC related checks based on our bona fide intention to keep the platform safe to the greatest extent possible.