The first contact-trading and contact-investing platform on blockchain

The InChainZ aims to employ MasterMind (AI) dynamic and adaptable income allocation algorithm that will try to maintain a balance between the motivation of the different contributors.


Sold: 0.18 MM


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    $0.18 MM

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    ICZ 1.2 MM

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    1 ICZ = $0.025

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How Cool is That?

Your commodity is something you have at the tip of your fingers.


Behind InChainZ is a sophisticated mathematical algorithm specialized in reflecting
LIVE market related value attributed to every contact listed.
InChainZ is a blockchain based platform enabling participants to manage, trade,
and invest in a marketplace where contact information is an asset.
It’s a win-win marketplace for all parties involved


  • Portfolio

    Get rewards from people you may or may not know for
    including them in your portfolio


  • Trade & Invest

    Establish a marketplace and communicate
    with high market-value people

  • Start earning!

    Reward Cryptocoin holders who actually
    keep the system and reward mechanism going

  • White Paper

The project's advisory

InChainZ has gathered outstanding software, platforms and business development professionals to join project’s advisory board.

Team & Advisors
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Alen Popović

Digital Content,PR and Marketing Lead

Alen is a long-time digital marketing & social media professional, and a public speaking sage.

He also has vast, more than 5 years, experience in cryptocurrencies, ICOs and brand building of successful projects and companies such as Connect Me, Dope Technologies Plc., Social Me, X Factor Bulgaria, Societe Generale and many more.

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Plamen Sakaliyski

Chief Creative Technologist, Business Design and Strategy Lead

You don’t need to spend much time around Plamen to realize he is one of those innovative dudes with big smiles who are keen on breaking the traditional old-fashion way the world does things.

Plamen is a serial entrepreneur and cryptomaniac well-known as a Co-founder & CEO at Dope Technologies Plc, Chief engineer at Birlibam, and Co-founder at TatChat.

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Vladislav Mihaylov

Chief Product, Finance and Management Lead

Vladislav is an essential piece of the InChainZ puzzle. He is one of those guys who is always two steps further than the rest thanks to his forward-looking ideas and innovative mind.

He is well-known as a Co-founder & CEO at Birlibam – a service that can be best described as a digital business card fit for a digital lifestyle. He is also a Managing Partner of RSM BG - a member firm of RSM International.

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Lyudmil Asparuhov

Target Marketing

If you have the chance to get to know him, you would instantly realize Lyudmil is one of those guys who always put heart in what they do and couldn’t be involved in just one project.

He is the one who invests significant amounts of time to define, test and monitor the project’s target market.


  • Monetization You can start monetarizing from the asset that you hold in your pocket. How cool is that!
  • InChainZ has gathered outstanding software, platforms and business development professionals to join project’s advisory board.

    Team & Advisors
  • The Ecosystem Creating an internal ecosystem, based on the consent of its users and their willingness to benefit from the contact base they have and to further invest in new contacts, by acquiring access to people, whose contacts are also part of the ecosystem.